Primum non nocere

First, To do no harm

Our goal is simple. We find the freshest ingredients, and refuse to mess them up.  We believe that nutrition and flavor are readily available.  All we do is harness a food’s potential and present with gourmet execution.


From a delicate ceviche to a velvet-smooth bowl of gumbo, we aren’t afraid to explore different flavors and textures. There are only ten items on the menu, but there are ten thousand ways to order. Better yet, ask about our specials or off-menu items.

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The Inspiration

Why we chose seafood

Our chef grew up in southern Florida, where he noticed two oddities. 

He noticed that most of the seafood available was not from Florida at all. Instead, he ate at a local seafood house, but the shrimp were imported from another country! (Sometimes, even raised on a farm.)

He also noticed that most restaurants offered the same dishes, with different twists, instead of offering different dishes. And so a passion was born. 

Our passion is to offer as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible in an exciting and flavorful way. We recreate modern and traditional dishes from around the world, and swap out foreign ingredients for the domestic version.

We aren’t just a food trailer. We are a haven for those who fear the boring, processed diet that people have grown accustom to.